How to Go From Quarantine Shabby to Quarantine Chic in Seconds

How to Go From Quarantine Shabby to Quarantine Chic in Seconds

So as we move into almost 3 months of staying at home, the pure joy of going to the grocery store can be the highlight of most of our weeks.  So how does a chic beauty like you stay cute and well put together when dinners out on the town, have turned into ordering in on Postmates?


Here are a few of my must have essentials for a stylish trip outside:

  1.  Mask:  As we all know, masks are a must these days and although ridiculously hard to breathe in, they have now become one of our fashion must have pieces.  Kim Kardashian just came out with her SKIMS Seamless face mask and I must admit, I’m absolutely in love with them.  The sleek design and super comfy form fitting material makes it a simple yet fashionable piece that can pair nicely with any outfit.  When finding the right mask, try to stay away from too much print and opt for a mask that provides great coverage and at the same time blends well with everything you wear.  Neutral skin tones can really sophisticate a look without drawing too much attention.


  1. Sneakers:  A classic sneaker has definitely been a staple of style the last few summers, seeing fashion bloggers and beauties pairing them with a cute effortless summer dress, stunning pair of boyfriend jeans, or an effortless blazer for a cute boardroom look on the go, but the fun part was we still had the versatility of wearing heels that could take the look from casual cute, to sophisticated style vixen in a moment’s notice.  A great sneaker with great texture and design like the 2750 Cotu Classic Superga sneaker is an elegant take on this classic Italian sneaker.  This designer sneaker is simple yet sophisticated in its craftsmanship and is a higher level quality than the average sneaker.  This is definitely my go to white sneaker.


  1. Lounge Wear:  This is the time to up your lounge wear.  If you’ve been in the house the last few months with your hair in a sloppy bun with your pj set that doesn’t match, it’s time to change this up and go for something fashionable yet super comfy and effortless.  I’m really loving the plush teddy lounge looks and light cotton jogger outfits that are effortless yet super cute.


  1. Graphic tee: I love a great graphic tee, they’re stylish and fun at the same time.  There are so many with great catch phrases that are sure to catch your attention.  Although, I wouldn’t necessarily consider these luxe essentials, I think there’s always a place for a fun graphic tee as long as you pair it with a great jean, jogger pant, or pant suit.  


Can’t wait to see your luxe fashion finds during this quarantine.  What is the one chic item in your closet that has been your go to this quarantine?



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