Top 4 Books I Recommend for Self Development

Top 4 Books I Recommend for Self Development

f there is one thing about me that everyone knows, I am so involved in personal development.  I remember turning 30 years old in Jamaica and having a deep moment of reflection and crying out to God that my life needed to change.  As I sat at the resorts restaurant crying because I knew I was ready for a big change in every area of my life, I still didn’t know how to get there. 


A little over a month later I found a love and relationship coach who introduced me to other people in self development that changed my life and the direction I was heading.  It was because of these powerful books I was able to prepare myself to leave my corporate job and venture off as an entrepreneur.


Here are a few go to books that have completely changed my life for the better:


  1. The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This is was the first book that started me on my path to self development and really evaluating how I allowed out circumstances and people to keep me trap in a pattern that was not serving me.  It set me up with the tools to be able to notice what I was doing and make a conscious decision to do the opposite.

  1.  The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly Without Fear by Joyce Meyers

I love this book because it teaches women how to step out of fear and live confidently and on purpose.  For so many years I hid and was afraid of what people would think or feel about me.  If you’re a woman who has things that you feel unworthy of or are scared to step out and share your gifts, this book will definitely help open your eyes to your gifts and not focus on what other think or feel about you

  1.  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murray

This is my all time favorite because it goes into the science of our subconscious and how powerfully we are as humans that we can change our personal experiences.  It teaches you the science behind manifesting.  It really dives in deeply of how certain shifts in our mind and reality can create drastic changes in our life whether in our finances, love life, or other areas we find to be a struggle.

  1.  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book came recommended 3 times over and I finally gave in.  From the moment you pick up the book you are immediately captivated by the message of how we as humans fail to create more in our life because we’re stuck in the past and future.  Being present and always knowing that life is happening NOW, especially during this time has been eye opening and  allowed me to realize I am truly in control of my happiness.


If you find that you are someone big into transformation and ready to make a big shift in your business and personal life, I definitely recommend the following four books.

They are truly must reads.






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